Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scholar me

Yea. The papers are finally signed. And pictures were taken. 

Looking forward to work in the new advanced holdings office in woodlands loop

Monday, August 26, 2013

GG.SG farewell for me

The internship was a good movie. Funny and inspiring. Pretty much show us how google works too. 

Dinner at five and dime is full of eats with the pork belly i ordered. 

Lovely book made by GG for my farewell. 
Cant wait to board the plane and tear with it. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bring her to the digital world

Teaching my mother to use whatsapp. Line and skype before fly. 
Its kind of fun haha

Friday, August 23, 2013


Leaving the country for exchange in Drexel university in a week. I should get my blogging up again

Finally week at home

days at home are running short
there is definitely time to meet friends
but friendship takes two hands to clap

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The return of mianbao

the fire in me has been staying small for a long long time
exams coupled with all the physiotherapy shit
i was told im ahead of time for my knee recovery
and will be able to run on my own this week onwards
i have waiting for this week for 4 months
its really an self-achievement
week after week of physio

im glad i discovered
and found an alternative source of motivation in these dark times
with all my friends busy studying
and my 6 papers to face
as well as those annoying knee problem
its really hard for me
but i guess i have to stop asking myself why me
and ask why not me?
just like how i learn from TED
i was hit in the left knee when im at the top of my fitness
and i saw all these opportunity went pass and gone forever
the video...
bought back my memory of my air force times
when im there in Tamworth Australia doing my air grading course
the day that i failed my flying test
was the day the doors of  many other opportunities opened

my knee is my life
just like any other part of me
let the new knee help me embrace the new life ahead

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


brace is finally off for a few days now
slowing getting back to shape for normal walking
every step i took
i know its a step closer to getting back on track
the goal is there i will i achieve it
i know its coming
its coming

i got the chance for an interview with keppel offshore marines last week
i turned it down
for some reason i believe i cant get into my formal wear and down to tues
and they person who contacted me suggest that i try on the next window
which is on Jan
oh well
we shall keep that in view

Programmer of SU20 is formed up
pretty much going into shape soon
hope for the best for my subgroup
and hopefully it will be as good as

been through that kind of selection process
and knowing that last year my seniors did about the same thing
the thought is just funny
imagining people commenting about you in a room
considering your capabilities and stuff
its damn good to be senior

went on to
realise my status is permanently down pes
its so tough
to decide if i should up pes again so i can join back my frogman family
but again
the road ahead is fully of uncertainties
one injury so much problems